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As everyone heads back to school this week, our days have been filled with packing boxes, launching homeschool for our 4 kids, selling or donating most if our belongings, putting the rest in storage and booking flights.

We are excited to embark on an adventure that we have talked about for years and are now seeing this dream become a reality.

Beginning October 1st, our family will be spending 9 months or so traveling through Latin America, starting in Guatemala and Bolivia.

We are very excited (at least most of us ;)) for this chapter in our lives and would love to have you follow along as we learn, work, play, serve, share and explore.

We will be visiting and partnering with many great organizations along the way and would love to introduce you to some of the people we will meet.

Our hearts expand every time we sit and listen to someone’s story and we hope you will join us on this journey and be encouraged too!

Our purpose is to be present in each stage of the journey so we can gain a deeper understanding of life in other cultures and offer hope and healing as we give of our time, energy and resources.

We know there is much for us to learn and we hope to give back as much as we will receive from the beautiful people who will come along our path.

We will be adding content to our website as we go and will also be sharing through Facebook and Instagram.

Stay tuned for more coming soon!

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