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Where our feet may travel…

by | Sep 30, 2018 | The Adventure

Those who have been following us have been asking where we are going and why.

It has been hard to give one clear answer because in reality there are many different reasons that have led us to this decision to travel through Latin America with our family for the next 6-9 months. In the next few days I want to shed a little more light into the why behind it, knowing that it will unfold even more as we begin our journey.

I cannot begin to explain the why without acknowledging that it is first and foremost our faith and trust in God and his plans for our lives that have inspired us to sell our home and most of our belongings and take the step of faith to go where we feel very called to go.

In some ways I wish I could say that I knew exactly what our journey will look like and where our path will take us, but the truth is that the entire process has been an act of faith.

When we first felt called to this idea of travel, we wanted answers and clarity as to what it would look like. As we continued to listen and trust that we were going in the right direction, we knew only one thing with certainty… that we didn’t need to know everything! We only needed to know enough for right now.

The past few months have been one small step of faith at a time. It has been a beautiful process of surrendering the bigger picture and learning to focus only on where our feet need to go next.

This is not always easy, but the rewards are wonderful. As we worry less about all of it making sense or being logical, we trust that God has those details figured out. All we need to do is to show up each day and be present in the moments that come our way.

The interesting thing about the process of surrender was that the less we worried, the easier things fell into place. The less of a focus we put on figuring things out, the more things actually worked out better than we could have ever imagined.

I almost feel sometimes that this process of surrendering allows us to observe our lives and the path unfolding before us, rather than feeling the need to create the path and make things happen for us.

I’m not talking about a passive kind of surrender where we sit around and wait for things to happen to us. We are still very active participants as we move into action and obedience with each deliberate step, but as we do that we get to watch it all unfold, almost as if the pieces of the puzzle fit into place nearly effortlessly, without the stress and worry.

The beauty of this is the gift of enjoying the present moment much more fully. I wonder if the times in life when I am stressing about the future or trying to be in control and make things happen, I am missing out on the simple and beautiful things that are all around.

This journey for us is about continuing to trust, to be present and to take in all of the people and opportunities that come our way. We are excited to see where our path will lead.

Thanks for following along with us. It will not be perfect, it may not always be fun, but it will be an experience of awe and wonder if we continue to trust and enjoy the journey… one… step… at a time.

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